Southington is known for a lot of things. Okay...well...maybe not....Other than being the one-time home of Mike Tyson, Southington is quite unknown, which is why when I am out of town and people ask where I am from I say, “Cleveland.” After all, it is much easier to say a major city than it is to say you are from a small country town where everybody knows everybody.

But this unknown, unremarkable town in Northeast Ohio is important, because this unknown, unremarkable town is my town. The saying “It takes a village to raise a child” could not be truer in my case because my relationship with Southington has given me everything.  From friendships to a job, to multiple opportunities to be creative through the arts, Southington continues to teach me about life every day. Most of all, Southington continues to teach me the meaning of the word “community”.

The inspiration of this design is derived from the way I see Southington. Most of the time the gear created for Chalker High School focuses on the nature of the Wildcat itself and emphasizes a toughness that is embedded into the town. While all of this is true, I wanted to create something that shows more of the heart and soul of Southington, the constant hum that is felt deep in her bones.

Southington is built on the foundation of helping each other and working together to create a small town that has giant ambition. The interlocking letters of “C’ and “W” are perfect for a community that strives to build each other up and not tear each other down. Together, we as a community work to create a place that celebrates our past while anticipating the bright future we have in front of us. This clean and classic design is inspired by the consistent work ethic and creativity that is found in the people of Southington.

Southington has always embraced me even with my oddities. You see, just as Southington is an unknown town with no spot on the map, I too have lived with an unknown disease that is just now beginning to gain recognition and attention in the medical community. We have that in common, Southington and I. Unknown, in the middle of nowhere, yet both of us with a passion and vision to see a better future in days ahead. Both of us with a compassion to embrace others even in the face of differences. Despite food allergies and a rare disease people in this town never made me feel out of place. Instead, I can remember many Halloweens when the people of Southington made sure that they had some type of treat that I could eat and none of the kids would make me feel like an outsider for having a popcorn ball instead of a piece of chocolate.  There are tons of examples like this that I could list forever. Those who have helped know who you are and that I am forever grateful.

Southington helped raise me as a boy and continues to shape me as a man. This is why I want to pay homage to my town by creating a sock that I believe speaks to the core of this beautiful, strange, and forever-friendly town. With all this in mind, I present to you, “Home”.

Story by Joshua and Stefanie Riley

Design by Cory Mizer 

10% of the profits go to Eosinophilic Research...in some way I haven't decided yet but I will keep you up to date when I do. 

10% of the profits go to the Southington Drama Club, which I both lead and deeply love in a way that goes beyond words on a page.

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