Cheese Monster

Cheese Monster


It is the question that plagues me. It is the question that follows me. It is the question I have asked countless waiters and waitresses at restaurants across the land, stretching from Cleveland to Dallas: “Can I get that without cheese?” Cheese has become the arch nemesis with whom I have been locked in battle since I was born. This mythical Cheese Monster sits as a patient predator, waiting to slip into any food I eat. Anytime I order food, immediately check it to make sure the Cheese Monster has not stealthily found its way in as a means to banish me into a night-long session with my porcelain throne.

This is the idea of my design. This is how I see the Cheese Monster as it rampages through my personal Gastric City looking to destroy anything in its path. However, if for you cheese is less like a monster and more like a welcome friend (like my own pal, Vegan Cheese) this is still an awesome design right? Don’t you want to be friends with the Cheese Monster?

20% of each sale from this design with go to CURED-Campaign Urging Research for Eosinophilic Diseases.

Story by: Joshua Riley and Stefanie Riley

Design by: Cory Mizer 

Sock Sizes: Adult unisex (shoe size 6-12 US), Child (shoe size 1-5 US), Toddler (shoe size 9-13 US)

Sock Material: 85% Polyester, 15% Spandex


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