Bacon Hero

Bacon Hero


I can remember feeling frustrated, confused, and angry. I did not quite understand what the doctor was telling my parents and me because it both seemed to make all the sense in the world and at the same time no sense at all. “Eosinophilic Esophagitis” are the words the doctor said to my parents. That is a funny name and sounded like the doctor was making it up on the spot. This was my diagnosis appointment. This is when my life changed forever.

I remember the doctor telling me what I could not eat: gluten, dairy, soy, egg, nuts, fish, sesame and tomatoes. These foods were not just out of my diet for a week, a month, or even a year -- these foods were out of my life forever. This was a lot to hear and to understand. I started to think of all the food I could never have and how that would change eating with people. Eating at birthday parties, family gatherings, restaurants -- Each of these parts of my life now had to change or even worse, were they gone for good?

I can remember feeling scared…

Why is this happening? Is there anything that I can eat?

 I can remember thinking about it. The one thing that I loved to eat was still in my life! At least I hoped it was.

I remember asking my mom, “Can I still have bacon?” and my mom answered, “Yes.”

This is when I started to love bacon, a food that was not taken from me. I had something that tasted good without getting me sick. I now had a food that I could eat with friends and family. I had a food that did not make me feel so weird and alone.

I remember having hope.



The heart of this design is to show that for Hudson, bacon has become a hero. It has become a food that has risen from the carnage that this disease leaves in its wake. This is why I wanted to make Bacon Hero, because this food has become exactly that for Hudson, a hero. This unlikely food source has become a bacon, I mean a beacon, of hope and comfort for Hudson. When life gets difficult and this disease becomes consuming, the Bacon Hero has become the ultimate silver lining for Hudson. A hero that he can rely on throughout his journey fighting EoE. 


Story By: Joshua & Stefanie Riley, Amy & Hudson Mouton 

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