Our Mission


Hello, my name is Joshua Riley and I started Lives of Riley as a way to talk about a rare disease I have called Eosinophillic Gastroenteritis. I was diagnosed in 1990 at 18-months old and have been fighting this disease every day since. I created these socks to tell the stories of this disease. Some of these stories are good, some of them are tough, but my goal is to empower people not to be afraid of the unknown when it comes to Eosinophilic Gastrointestinal Diseases (EGIDs). These socks are symbols and stories of people who never give up. People who push past the pain and see growth and hope in their future. People who use their perceived weakness as strength. Struggle is a part of our story but it is not the whole story. We will use these socks to Encourage each other on sick days and sleepless nights. We will use these socks to Educate those near to us on this invisible illness. We will use these socks to Inspire change and progress for Eosinophilic Disorders.

10-20% (depending on design) of profits will go towards an organization that funds research for Eosinophilic diseases. These organizations are listed in our resources.